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About Us

We brought the Model 2500 Seed counter to market in 2006. The product debuted at the ASTA conference in Chicago. The original design was intended to count a large amount of seed quickly and accurately.

In the spring of 2007 we were asked to develop a method to fill envelopes from the counter. We developed the model 2500E which included a custom built stand with a 10 station envelope filler attached.  This innovation allowed customers to fill envelopes with a small quantity of seed and clean out the remnant into the original container and totalize the remnant. During 2007 we also saw the need to have the ability for the Model 2500 to integrate with a scale. We developed software and hardware for the customer to have the ability to convert a specific kernel count (i.e. 80,000 kernels) to a specific bag weight. The model 2500S allows the customer to count a sample, weigh the sample that was just counted and do a conversion of seeds per pound and give a bag weight on the display immediately.  This advancement allows the customer to skip the steps of weighing a specific amount, counting the seed and doing a conversion. Our new capabilities do this all quickly and automatically.

We also debuted our model C2 high speed counter /coater at the ASTA conference in December of 2007. This product was a marriage between our high speed counter and a Cimbria Lab treater. The C2 allows a customer to have the ability to treat seed on physical count. The seed is counted via our counting mechanism and delivered to the treater. The PLC from the counter tells the treater how many seeds it should treat therefore treating by actual count. This application was developed with a research shelling line in mind.

During 2008, our high speed counter developed with the integrated scale evolved into a unit that samples continuously. The model 3500 was developed for production facilities to place this in line and count a number of seeds and determine seeds per pound and bag weight.

This year also marked the development of the Mobile Research Processing Station. We were approached by a research station that had no ability to expand. The solution: the Mobile Research Processing Station. Our design is a fully automated, mobile research station. The design includes a sheller, aspiration, a grader, a color sorter, and our proprietary C2 high speed counter /coater, a cull system, dust control, power, air, and a counting station. The process is controlled by a computer and provides printed stickers at the end of the cycle. The entire station is contained in a semi trailer for the ultimate in mobility.

We have also identified a need to count very small hybrid vegetable and flower seeds. The model 2500EV was developed for that application. This is a new product that will be introduced to the market in September of 2008. If will have the ability to bulk count as well as package seed.

Our company remains focused on developing the best products for high speed seed counting. We have the ability to develop custom solutions to fit your business needs much quicker than most companies.

In 2009, we developed the barcode reading option that works with our envelope filling machine. It is capable of monitoring the source seeds and verifying that the correct envelope is being filled. Other features make it possible to actually program the machine functions directly from the barcode itself making operation very simple since the operator does not have to program the machine. You will never have the wrong seed put in your envelopes again.

2010, we developed our new Patented sensor technology. Our latest sensing design allows us to count seeds that are hundreds of times smaller than we could detect previously. We are now able to offer accuracies of less than 1% for any type of seed. 

2011, our Accu-Coat 250 was introduced. This is a laboratory seed treater that applies seed treatment based on seed count rather than volume or weight. It can be operated stand alone, integrated with our seed counters or used with any brand seed counter.

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